The Duties and Tasks of an Architectural Career

If you are pondering what sort of job would be good for you and your future, have you thought about becoming an architect? In this article, we will discuss the duties that make up an architect’s job, so that you can become more familiar with this career.

Architects are individuals who design new structures and buildings, and work with alterations and extensions on buildings that already exist. When it comes to old buildings and structures, an architect advises the conservation and restoration of said buildings. Architects can work on not only individual structures and buildings, but that of large schemes and spaces. Design of landscapes is also something that an architect can handle.

An architect will work closely with the clients that require their services. He or she will make sure that the designs they propose would not only match the requirements laid out for them by the client(s), but that each design is safe, economical, and functional for the intended use. In most cases, an architect will work with the project he or she has been hired for from start to finish, and work with a number of professionals in charge of construction. These professionals include engineers and surveyors.

An architect can expect to work within normal office hours, although in the cases of deadlines, he or she may need to work longer than expected. Frequent travel to the building site may be required. When problems arise, it is up to the architect to work around and resolve these issues. In some instances, it may be a requirement before work on new structures and buildings can begin to request permission from the government and legal offices.

In order to become an architect, it can take approximately seven years of education. While most architects work for practices that are private, it is not unheard of for a chartered architect to open up his or her own practice. Architects are expected to continue their education even after graduating and landing a job. It takes about 35 hours per year to keep up with this education.

If you are interested in becoming an architect, it’s important to be familiar with what will be expected of you after you get your job. If you do indeed choose this career, you can be sure that you will have a job that provides fulfillment and challenge. Good luck!

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